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Well people if you read my last entry you know i took out Troy Hassel thinking he took my QP. Well... that night i ended up crashing the night w/ Bubba at his apartment and Bubba and I had a serious talk. Here's how it went...

Bubba - "Alex, bro..tell me do you think he took it and no for sure he did 100%"
Alex - "Well im sure he did everyone says it would be him if anyone and no one trusts the fool anyways"
Bubba - "Im telling you I PROMISE it was MIKE"
Alex - Are you shitting me how? do you know"
Bubba - "He told me man face to face the morning after he did it when i called him asking if he knew where some buds were"
Alex - "Then what?"
Bubba - "He said he walked over to your house and walked right in saw you were asleep and cased your place, finally finding your weed and taking it and walking back home"
Alex - "So i just whooped Troys ass for nothing why didnt you tell me sooner?!?"
Bubba - "I couldnt but man you need to know the truth after what happned tonight, he sold me 2 OZ's of it for 100 bux, and him and Michelle smoked the other 2 OZ's"
**Richard/Rikki walk in Bubba's**
Bubba - "Richard you know the truth he told you, tell Alex what Mike did"
Richard - "Yea he took it., why what happened?"
Bubba - Alex just fought 2 guys tonight and really beat them down thinking he was attaking the person who did"
Alex - "Man im pissed , where the fuck is Mike at that mother fucker, then since you told me what he did i'll let you in on something, seems we were all keeping some things hidden from each other Bubba, Mike said the night after u left w/ drinking w/ Chitwood,Benny and I that i shouldnt do that half Pound deal w/ you cause you fuck me over , take my money and whoop my ass, he's fucking w/ your buissness"
Bubba - "Oh really the son of a bitch"
**Bubba picks up the phone and dials Mikes #**
Bubba - "Hey mother fucker what did you tell Alex, that not to deal w/ me im Bubba Buckner ill fuck you up right now get your fucking ass down here bitch and you know you took Alex's QP and you are talking shit about me, now your fucked"
**Bubba hangs up the phone**
Bubba - "Lets walk outside boys"
Alex - "Hell fuckin yea man, imma kill him"
Richard - "This dont look good haha"
**All of us walk outside**

At this time we stood outside waiting for Mike after Bubba demanded him come down there to confront. Mike did and right when we al got huddled Bubba says "So im no good mother fucker" Mike deny's ever saying it and then i voice out to Mike and call him a fuckin punk liar. And say "So you took my QP huh bitch" Mike says "hell no i didnt" stuttering.. then Bubba says "bullshit motherfucker now your lying too me imma whoop your ass right here" then i said "No Bubba i am" then i started  walking at Mike when Richard got in front of me holding me back. Bubba reaches at Mike and grabs his hat and he says "let me have that back", Bubba then said "if you want it bitch you come in my house and try getting it" Richard then pushes me inside, and everyone else comes inside.

So damn...who ever knew..first 75 bux, then a QP valued at 350 , thats 425 bux i lost because i was his friend. That punk will get his sooner or later not soon though..when he doesnt expect it at all...BOOM he's mine...

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Hey there. :)

Sorry, I've realized that I cannot complete the request you made of me. The style is just too incompatible with my own. If you want to change the request, please note me.
Interesting choices.... good work;)
i read your shit and what not
I uploaded a couple more DEVIATIONS!! Check them out and give me some feedback people! :)
Check My Journal, Yes i started a journal! :)
Well i just added some new deviations, i will add some more of my work tommorrow when i have time i hope you guys enjoy my work and what i am showing off , its nothing big but really nice to look at

Well it's 1:45 and i added the first DEVIATION to my Showcase Audience

dumboink Mar 1, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome to DA........... :hug:

Thanx im very glad to be aboard =)
I have really crazy thoughts, probably comming from my crazy life i live. I am 18 or 19 dont remember anymore, lol and im not a student nor do i have a job. im into photoshop as a way to express myself. I love all digital art, cant wait to see yours!

Also im known As The Elite Merlin in the underground hacking community. I have done many famous hacks. I am the shady underground...

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